Sunday, April 5, 2009

Having a bad boss can kill you

Do you like your boss?


Would you like to be a boss?

These are some of the questions that we can use to start this lesson. If you teach in a company this can be a very interesting topic, as most of your students will have something to say.

You can find the whole lesson plan here.

I have adapted the lesson because I think that some of the exercises (specially those related to the listening-reading text) are a bit reiterative and they can make your students to get bored, that´s why I recomend to download the .doc version so you can modify it if you want.

I hope you enjoy this topic!


vic said...

Welcome back! Me pasaré con frecuencia. Ahora ponte un link a twitter y una sección de seguidores y te subirán las visitas...Yo de momento te agrego a los blog que visito.

pd by the way, very nice warm-up..I used to start my lessons at the bank with these kind of warm-ups. Thanks for sharing!

CHONA said...


I just want to thank you personally for signing in into my friends list. I hope I can be of great help not only to you but to everyone viewing my blog.

Thank you very much my friend.

CHONA (Philippines)